Cameron John in the Millennium Falcon cockpit at The Millenium Falcon Experience

31 years of life all culminated for this…

To set the scene:

It is 4:30 in the morning

You awake with a purpose

Your wife wants to kill you for waking her up

But you couldn’t be more excited.

That day was the day I had waited for my entire life, the day I got to sit in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

Ticket for The Millennium Falcon Experience

As part of the promotional tour of Solo: A Star Wars Story the mouse decided to build 3 sets (more on that in a second) to be sent to a few different places across the States. Of the 4 places, now 5 with SDCC, for the Falcon to go the Land Of Zion was lucky enough to be one of the hubs and needless to say I was going to do anything in my power to go. Earlier that week, unfortunately, it was unofficially announced there was an accident (they never did tell anyone, I just knew a guy that knew a guy) and the Dejarik table and Lando’s Bar got destroyed in transit. I couldn’t let that stop me, yeah I will only receive part of the experience but who cares?! I get to sit in the COCKPIT!

We got to Jordan Commons a little before 6:00 am and was actually rather surprised to see that no one was there, a short hour later and the line was wrapping around the building so needless to say I was rather happy we woke up earlier than should be legal.

Since we would be there for 2 hours before they hand out tickets and another hour before we could enter I decided to look around to keep from getting bored. The great part was they did have a few things to look at, some local chalk artists came out and did some big pieces of art, as well as a custom motorcycle featuring so much swarsy stuff that I needed a cold shower after looking at (one would score so much Twi’lek tail riding that…).

There were a few vendor booths there but nothing worth noting, aside from the costumers showing up the other cool thing was the cardboard cutouts of the characters for the upcoming movie; I was wicked excited for the Rangetrooper, definitely a costume I need to build.

Finally the time arose to go from one line to another, and then the FINAL line, I’m left staring at the cockpit entrance for what felt like an eternity though with how fast they were making people go through was likely only about 10 minutes. We slowly walked up, taking in every little detail, no matter how small, of course thinking we will build one eventually (never going to happen but one can dream), we got pictures in the entrance, and then we went in…

Words fail me, still to this day I can’t explain the feeling of walking into the cockpit, with all the lights, the switches, even the scale viewport, it was insane, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little teary eyed when I first saw it. It was one of the most intensely power feelings sitting in the seats, the closest thing I have ever had to a religious experience, call it my “Finding Jesus or his brother” moment if you will. I could have easily spent the entire day there but as quickly as we went in we had to leave.

The amount of people that had arrived for the 3rd and final day of the Millennium Experience was pretty small in comparison to the prior 2 days, one of the few perks of being in a heavily religious state, that I could have got right back in line and grabbed another ticket to get in but I figured I wouldn’t take that experience from anyone else; I should have been a dick in hindsight but whatever.

Anyways, if you saw it you understand how amazing it was, if you didn’t then it would’ve have been worth the roadtrip to go see it, it has been 2 months and I still get chills when I think about it. I’ll throw in a few pictures I took just to give you a taste, they are a part of an almost 100 picture folder of the pictures my friends and I took but you get the idea,