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Nerf Skull Illustration by Adam P CampbellWelcome to The Infernal Brotherhood of the Scruffy Looking, Nerf Herder’s Star Wars blog. You will find our personal experiences with Star Wars, insights on producing this podcast, and our theories and thoughts about the Star Wars IP and fandom.

Darth Vader Mask tattoo by Cameron John of Blackbird Tattoo & Piercing

My Darth Vader Tattoo

I am 42 years old, and I have never had a Star Wars related tattoo, until now.
I have often thought about getting a Star Wars tattoo, but I have seen so many bad ones, that I didn’t want to contribute to the Death Star’s trash compactor of shit Star Wars tattoos. I had to consider three key points.

Darth Vader's Melted Mask

Darth Vader Lives!

The current Star Wars Darth Vader comic run by Charles Soule has everyone talking about Emperor Palpatine being revealed as Anakin Skywalker’s ‘father’ through the Dark Side of The Force, but I believe they are burying the lead. What is more interesting and significant is that they announced a new Sith Lord, Momin, who lived …

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