The Infernal Brotherhood of the Scruffy Looking, Nerf Herders HoloNet News - February 2019

HoloNet News – February 2019

Cameron and Adam begin this HoloNet News episode discussion with the newly announced Marvel’s New Star Wars: Tie Fighter Comic Series and Alphabet Squadron Novel trilogy. Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed is being released in June 2019. Star Wars has released a slew of media as a tie in to the Galaxy’s Edge theme part including Novels, Comics and Fables. They close out the novel section with the children’s book Rey and Pals and a wild rant by Adam. They have a brief conversation about the newest Galaxy of Adventures YouTube shorts before another rant. Both Adam and Cameron geek out over the newest Galaxy of Adventures action figure and comic tie ins. We rush through the announced actors and professionals who are making an appearance at Star Wars Celebration Chicago this year, before we dive into the latest Star Wars rumors dropped by