Darth Vader Mask tattoo by Cameron John of Blackbird Tattoo & Piercing

My Darth Vader Tattoo

I am 42 years old, and I have never had a Star Wars related tattoo, until now.

I have often thought about getting a Star Wars tattoo, but I have seen so many bad ones, that I didn’t want to contribute to the Death Star’s trash compactor of shit Star Wars tattoos. I had to consider three key points.

1. What tattoo did I want?

I have always been drawn to two distinct characters in Star Wars. Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. Of the two, I believe artistically you cannot do better than the image of Darth Vader, so I knew I wanted a tattoo of his visage, but which one? After an exhaustive search I landed on this:

Darth Vader - Marvel Comic Poster
Darth Vader – Marvel Comic Poster

I loved the chrome look of the helmet, though I wasn’t interested in the cloak or breastplate. So I knew what I wanted, now on to step 2.

2. Where should I have it tattooed?

I have tattoos all over my body, and space is getting limited, however I do have a spot on my arm between my elbow and the bend in my arm. I knew this location could visually warp a tattoo, so I was a little weary, but it was the most visible area, and I wanted to show off my new ink, so I decided to give it a go anyway.

3. Who could I trust to tattoo it?

I am fortunate to know many capable tattoo artists, but only one of them is as passionate about Star Wars as I am, and he happens to be the cohost on this podcast, Cameron John of Blackbird Tattoo & Piercing.

I reached out to Cameron, who was enthusiastic about the project, so we set a date and I eagerly anticipated the ink.

Now I know the process of getting a tattoo very well, having nearly two full sleeves and other tattoos all over my body, and I was familiar with Cameron as he has given me a few of my existing tattoos, so when I arrived for our appointment, I was fully ready. I set up my phone to record a time lapse of the event and put this video out as a result:

I am absolutely thrilled at the outcome of Cameron’s work, and here is the final piece:

You can check out Cameron’s other work and make your appointment at:

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